Thu 21 Nov 2019
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Listing 20 Recipes in this Category - Desserts

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Banana Pudding
N/A 65.00 9221
Cheesecake Brownies
N/A 89.00 12563
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
N/A 60.00 12857
Chess Pie
N/A 15.00 12737
Coffee Can Cakes
N/A 9.00 13044
Cream Cheese Frosting
N/A 25.00 13544
Fried Apple Tarts
N/A 9.00 14496
Honey Cake
N/A 30.00 15099
Lemon Chiffon Pie
N/A 26.00 15333
Old Fashion Tea Cakes
N/A 151.00 16433
Pecan Meringue Kisses
N/A 5.00 16312
Poached Pears
N/A 0.00 16622
N/A 24.00 18074
Fruit Dip
Cherlynne 50.00 17165

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Pick of the Week
Title:ICE CREAM CONE CAKES - Author: - Contributor:
Any flavor cake mix
Flat-bottomed waffle ice cream cones
(30 approx.)
Sugar decorations

Prepare any flavor layer cake mix as directed on the package.

Pour a scant 1/4 cup batter into each of the waffle cones.

Fill a scant half full; if cones are filled more than this,

batter will run over top. Set in square or oblong pan and bake

as directed for cupcakes. Cool. Frost with any favorite

frosting and decorate with candies. Do not store in an

airtight container as the cones will soften.
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